Sunday, August 26, 2012

~Request~ Boyfriend - 'Be My Shine' 1st Japanese Single

'Be My Shine' Full PV

'Be My Shine' Short PV

[120825] Boyfriend - Be My Shine @ Happy Music

'Be My Shine' Making & Member messages

Hi Kpop Lovers! Boyfriend's 'Be my shine' single album, short PV & their 120825 performance at Happy Music, was requested on Facebook by AMY.... THIS IS FOR YOU AMY AND ALL BOYFRIEND SUPPORTERS/BEST FRIENDS OUT THERE! If you would like to submit another request, please say so on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

'Be My Shine' Tracklist
1. ~君を離さない~  (Be My Shine)
2. 君の知らないStory (The Story You Don't Know)
3. Boyfriend (Japanese Vers.)
~君を離さない~  (Be My Shine - Inst.)
5. 君の知らないStory (The Story You Don't Know) (Inst.)
6. Boyfriend (Japanese ver.) (Inst.)

Download 'Be My Shine' single (zip file):
Download 'Be My Shine' Full PV (mp4 format):
Download 'Be My Shine' Short PV (mp4 format):
Download [120825] Boyfriend - 'Be My Shine' @ Happy Music performance (mp4 format):
[Bonus] Download 'Be My Shine' Making & Member messages (mp4 format): 

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