Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~Request/Update~ B2ST/Beast - 'Fiction and Fact' 1st Studio Album


Fiction MV

Hi Kpop Lovers! The download link for Beast's 1st studio album, 'Fiction and Fact' was requested to be re-posted by CARMEN... THIS IS FOR YOU CARMEN AND ALL YOU BEAST SUPPORTERS/B2UTYS OUT THERE! If you would like to submit another request, please say so on the request section of this blog, or on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

No password protection and the album is compressed into a zip file. We won't we uploading the teaser and music video (unless specifically requested). THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT OUR BLOG!

'Fiction and Fact' Tracklist
1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Vers.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Vers.)

Download 'Fiction and Fact' album (zip file):



  1. omg thank you so much!! you guys are the best! been finding this for so long!

  2. It says permission denied.. TT-TT please help~

    1. yeah sorry :/, we're trying to find out how to reupload them, please wait a while :/

  3. Why don't you reupload at Rapidshare?