Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sorry for the long wait! Dx
This is going to be another long post, so press ctrl+f to search up whether or not we've uploaded your request. If yours doesn't come up, that means we're still in the process of finding and uploading it. If you've requested something a LONG time ago (around 3+ weeks), please notify us because we may not have seen your request... 
Thank you all for your patience and support!

No password protection and all the albums are compressed into a zip file. We did not upload any OST albums, non-Korean albums, singles or music videos (unless they had been specifically requested).

Shi Jie Lim’s Request (from our Requests tab) - Wonder Girls’ Like Money
Like Money:

GaEul’s Request (from Facebook) - MYNAME’s Japanese album Message
Message (Japanese vers.) [Type B +
I Want To (Track from Type A)] :

Guerlain's Request (from our email) - G-Dragon's One of a Kind

One of a Kind: 

Cassandra’s Request (from our email) - Secret’s albums and singles
Secret Time:
Shy Boy:
Starlight, Moonlight:

Eunice’s Request (from Facebook) - Teen Top’s Transform and Come Into The World albums
Come Into The World:

Alexis’ Request (from our email) - Cho PD’s Art of Business and Lalaland song
Art of Business:
La La Land (ft. Brown Eyed Girls):

nrmturtle209’s Request (from our Requests tab) -
Yoon Jong Shin's 'Late Autumn' and Kim Jang Hoon's 'Break Ups Are So Like Me'
Late Autumn (ft. Kyuhyun):
Break Ups Are So Like Me (ft. Heechul): 

Allyson Cruz's Request (from our Requests tab) - CN Blue's Korean and Japanese Albums
CN Blue’s Korean albums have already been requested here:
Now or Never:
Code Name Blue:

Jocelyn Leung's Request (fro
m our Requests tab) - 100%'s 'We, 100%'
We, 100%:

Boop BeDoop’s Request (from out Requests tab) - H.O.T’s Albums
We Hate All Kinds of Violence:
Wolf and Sheep:
Outside Castle:

kawaii Sakura x's Request (from our Requests tab) - U-Kiss' Stop Girl

Stop Girl:

~All other requests COMING SOON!~

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  1. wow thanks for this..hope i can request for the full tracks from jung yong hwa album..thnx