Friday, September 07, 2012

~REQUESTED~ Old J.Y. Park, F.T. Island albums, ZE:A's Phoenix, U-Kiss' Cinderella & Super Junior M's Perfection

Hi Kpop Lovers! Lately we've been getting many requests, so we decided to put it all onto one post. Sorry, for the delay and please do not hesitate to request more! It may be tiring for us, but we love it when people look and comment on our blog!

No password protection and the albums are compressed into a zip file. We won't we uploading the Japanese albums, teasers or music videos (unless specifically requested). THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT OUR BLOG!

Kang's Request (from Facebook) - J.Y Park Old Albums:
Blue City:
Even After 10 Years:
Kiss Me:

Asela's Request (from Facebook- ZE:A's Phoenix and U-Kiss' Cinderella
ZE:A's Phoenix
U-Kiss' Cinderella

Adilah's Request (from Facebook- F.T. Island's old albums

Cheerful Sensibility
Colourful Sensibility
Cross & Change
Jump Up
Beautiful Journey
Memory in F.T. Island

Emma's Request (from Facebook) - Super Junior M's Perfection


Kyo, Shelly, Kae and GambitJax's Requests - Old Leessang, BoA and Tohoshinki's (TVXQ?) Albums, GD & TOP album and G-Dragon's Heartbreaker and EXO-M's MAMA. 
We're terribly sorry, but we may take a while to get these albums, due to the fact that Leessang, BoA and Tohoshinki (TVXQ) have MANY albums and most of them are quite old. Sorry if it seems like we're pushing your request back and posting other people's first, but we're honestly not! We will try our very best to get all the albums ASAP and when it is uploaded we will post it on a separate post and notify you. Thank you for your patience!



  1. ZE:A's album is password protected :(

    1. I just checked them out... They're both fine... Try again maybe?? :)

  2. mediafire keeps telling me permission is denied. is there something i'm not doing right?