Saturday, September 01, 2012

~REQUESTED~ TVXQ/DBSK, JYJ, SHINee, J.Y. Park Old Albums, B.A.P's 'Power' Music Video, Two X's 'Double Up' single album & B1A4 'It B1A4' Broken Link

Hi Kpop Lovers! Lately we've been getting many requests, so we decided to put it all onto one post. Sorry, for the delay and please do not hesitate to request more! It may be tiring for us, but we love it when people look and comment on our blog!

No password protection and the albums are compressed into a zip file. We won't we uploading the Japanese albums, teasers or music videos (unless specifically requested). THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT OUR BLOG!

Darklove's Request - TVXQ/DBSK's Old Albums:
A Christmas Gift:
"O"-正.反.合. ("O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.):
Mirotic (Vers. C):
왜? (Keep Your Head Down) (Repackage Edition):

°°lore's Requests - TVXQ's Tone & JYJ's Old Albums
TVXQ - Tone
JYJ - Their Rooms 'Our Story'
JYJ - In Heaven

carmen's Request - SHINee's Old albums
Amigo (Full repackage album)
2009, Year of Us
Hello (Full Repackage Album)

Kang's Request (from Facebook) - J.Y. Park's Old albums
We're terribly sorry, but we may take a while to get his albums, due to the fact that J.Y. Park has MANY albums and most of them are quite old. Sorry if it seems like we're pushing your request back and posting other people's first, but we're honestly not! We will try our very best to get all his albums ASAP and when it is uploaded we will post it on a separate post. Thank you for your patience!

Kyo's Request (Updated post):
B.A.P - Power music video (mp4 format):

Kae's Requests (Updated posts):
Two X - 'Double Up' full single* album (zip file):
*Two X doesn't have a mini album yet, but we guessed that you probably meant that you wanted their full single album, so we updated the post.

B1A4 - 'It B1A4' 2nd mini album (zip file):  

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  1. All links for any SHINee albums are no good. Permission denied. Can you please fix?