Monday, November 12, 2012

B1A4 - 'In The Wind' 3rd Mini Album

Tried To Walk

'In The Wind' Tracklist

1. In The Wind (Intro)
2. 걸어 본다 (Tried To Walk)
3. 너만 있으면 (If...)

4. 나쁜 짓안 할게요 (I Won't Do Bad Things) (Narration by miss A's Suzy)
5. 뭐 할래요 (What Do You Want To Do)
6. Be My Girl (Jinyoung's Solo) (ft. Brown Eyed Girls' JeA)
7. In The Air

8. Tried To Walk (Inst.)

Download 'In The Wind' album (zip file):

Password: inthewind

Download 'In The Wind' music video (mp4 format):

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