Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MYNAME - 'My Name 2nd Single' 2nd Single Album

Just That Little Thing MV

'My Name 2nd Single' Tracklist
1. Scream My Name
2. 그까짓거 (Just That Little Thing)
3. 어이없어 (Astonished)
4. 끌리잖아 (Crush On You)
5. Dream.. (Outro)

'Just That Little Thing' Teasers Include:
1. Teaser 1
2. Teaser 2

Download 'My Name 2nd Single' Single (zip file):

Password: justthatlittlething

Download 'Just That Little Thing' Teasers (zip file - mp4 format):
Download 'Just That Little Thing' Music Video (mp4 format):

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