Thursday, March 07, 2013

D-Unit - 'Affirmative Chapter 1.' 1st Album

To My Face MV

'Affirmative Chapter 1' tracklist:
1. 살아남아 (ft. 바스코) (Live Until the End) (ft. Vasco)
2. 얼굴보고 얘기해 (To My Face)
3. Lockdown
4. Alone
5. 늦잠 Part.2 (ft. 태완) (Sleeping In Part 2) (ft. C-Luv)
6. 허수아비 (Scarecrow)
7. Luv Me

'Affirmative Chapter 1' teasers include:
1. Teaser 1
2. Teaser 2

Download 'Affirmative Chapter 1' album (zip file):

Password: 2myface

Download 'Affirmative Chapter' teasers (mp4 file compressed into zip file):
Download 'To My Face' music video (mp4 file):

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