Friday, March 22, 2013


Hi Kpop Lovers!^^

We didn't expect to make another wordy post like this so soon, but this has got to be said…

There’s another blog out there that is taking some of our posts and copying + pasting everything word-for-word.

Not only that, they have put NUMEROUS ads on their site! We don’t even have ads on our links, let alone ads on our blog, so they’re basically earning money from our hard work, which is totally not acceptable. I will not link your to the blog for that reason, because we don’t want your computers to be flooded with viruses for going on a cheap site with heaps of pop-up ads.

We are truly upset that someone has copied our work. They may have put ‘Kpop Lovers’ at the end of the post, but they didn’t really credit it to us or even ask us whether or not they were allowed to post our stuff. Even though our blog may not be the best, as we make many mistakes during re-naming and making posts etc. but we have put a LOT of time and effort into this blog.

So if any of you ever see any other blogs copying our stuff please notify us immediately!
Thank you for all for your support, and encouragement :)


The Kpop Lovers Team (StephLee, JaeIn and Pikachubby)

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