Saturday, April 06, 2013

~Mediafire & 4shared~

Hi Kpop Lovers!

So we've realised some of the albums that we only just RECENTLY uploaded have already been pulled down because of violation/copyright Dx
Unfortunately, we don't know which files have been taken down unless we log out and then click on the links, so it's REALLY frustrating... TT_TT
We've been thinking about this a lot, and we MAY also be uploading onto 4shared as well as Mediafire. It certainly seems like it is less likely to be taken down if it's uploaded on shared...

Some things about 4shared and some a change we will make if we decide to use it:
1. 4shared requires you to have an account, which you can create for FREE
2. You have to wait 20 seconds before downloading a file

We may be re-thinking this decision, and if anyone has any ideas of any free file hosting sites where stuff doesn't get taken down easily, PLEASE TELL US!! 
Thank you for all your support and patience! :)

*The reason we have a password, so so that we know that you all actually look at our blog, instead of just searching up the links. This blog is just for everyone's enjoyment, so even though we do get any physical benefits (since we don't use adfly), we're really happy when we see people looking on our blog and Facebook page :)

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