Monday, May 06, 2013

2PM - 'GROWN' 3rd Full Album

Come Back When You Heart This Song MV

'GROWN' tracklist

1. 하.니.뿐. (All Day Think Of You)
2. 이 노래를 듣고 돌아와 (Come Back When You Hear This Song)
3. 원점으로 (Back To Square One)

4. I’m Sorry
5. 오늘부터 1일 (Today Marks The 1st Day)
6. Dangerous
7. 오늘 하루만 (Just For Today)
8. Game Over
9. Coming Down
10. 고백 (Go Back)
11. Love Song

12. 문득 (Suddenly)

'GROWN' teaser include:

1. 'Grown' trailer
2. 2PM Comeback Show (2PM Returns Trailer)
3. 2PM Comeback 'When You Hear This Song' trailer

Download 'GROWN' full album (zip file):

Password: comebackwuhts

Download 'All Day Think Of You (A.D.T.O.Y.)' track one (zip file):
Download 'All Day Think Of You (A.D.T.O.Y.)' music video (mp4 format):
Download 'GROWN' teasers (mp4 format compressed into zip file):
Download 'Come Back When You Hear This Song' music video (mp4 format):

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